Building something great is the goal.

- Ed Catmul, Creativity Inc.

We are purpleSlate - driven by passion, proven by results.

Often, the true value of an idea is not the idea itself. Rather, it is the intent or the WHY that led to the creation of it.

At purpleSlate, we are eternal optimists and we strongly believe the Future is as much about the exciting opportunities that lies ahead of us in leveraging technology to augment human capability, that helps solve some of the complex problems faced by the next billion.

As machines become more intelligent, our abilities need to scale up the knowledge chain. It is no longer on WHAT you build but, as much about HOW you build software.

Join a small team of engineers driven by a common goal to build great products and solutions.

Is your answer YES to all of these?

  • I like solving problems
  • I am good at creating things
  • I can write beautiful code
  • I am passionate about technology
  • I like working in small teams
  • I am a quick learner
  • I want to leave an impact
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If there is any cutting-edge technology available in the horizon, we will most likely be tinkering with it, as we constantly experiment and refine our approach to solve some interesting problems.

We are currently in:
  • Modern JS frameworks and primarily React, Node.js
  • MySQL, Mongo, ELK
  • PHP, HTML, Bootstrap, CSS3, Xamarin
  • Python, H2O, Tensorflow, Azure ML
  • Microsoft Cognitive Services
  • Azure, AWS

We are looking for

College Graduates

A perfect place to bootstrap your career. All we need is decent programming skills and a strong dose of passion to learn.

Full-stack Engineers (2+ years)

Strong coding experience in modern javascript frameworks and microservices architecture.

Data Scientists (2+ years)

Experience in Python, Statistical methods and preferabbly working experience in ML frameworks like Tensorflow or Azure ML.

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