Interfaces are changing.

Our platform suite helps you make that transition in the most effective way possible.


Meet Remy - our Conversational Platform.

Whether you’re building a simple chatbot or a highly scalable enterprise application, we have your design needs covered.

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Experience quality at scale.

Remy is built with customization and ease-of-use at its core.

We are AI neutral - be it the cognitive services from Microsoft or Google or Amazon or our own NLU module built on top of open-source technologies, we got the expertise and the building blocks to get it delivered.


Pick your delivery channel of choice - Alexa, Slack, Skype, Siri or create your own brand entity with our white-labelled conversation widget with Remy.

and see how Remy makes conversations so much engaging.

Remy - platform suite.

All the features requried to build a delightful Conversational Application and much more ...

Any Media

Voice or Text, we got you covered. Take your conversations on any of the popular mediums like Alexa or Google Home.

Omni Channel

Slack, FB, Skype, WeChat or better, with purpleSlate’s own Conversations widget.

Messaging Widget

Embed our own state of the art conversational interface anywhere in your existing web applications.

Context aware

Your conversational interfaces are very much aware of their environment and highly adaptive.


Teach your interface with our library of pre-built Conversations for many of the common social interactions.


Leverage our AI driven recommendation engines to insert contextual, high quality content and advertisements - direct to your customers.

Reflect your Brand

White-labeled conversational client that lives and speaks your brand values.

Measure & Manage

Analytics at your fingertips to track adoption, resiliency and grow your business.

We help you build Conversational Applications that your customers would love.

Here are few examples of different solutions we have built across domains.


Voice interfaces

Achieve upto 10x productivity gains with Medical Transcriptions enhanced with Semantics, Intelligent Parsing and deeper integration with your EMR apps, all in real-time.

Our automated speech recognition (ASR) solutions take care of the Accuracy, Productivity and Efficiency by providing the best in class language interfaces.

Information Assistant that is fluent in Banking.

Get your own branded information assistant that can have an intelligent conversation with your customers on their financial information.

Be it on the credit card transactions, insurance policies or stolen card, the assistant knows it better.



Workflow automation in Slack

Going by the tagline of Slack - where work happens, bring in rest of your work inside slack with your own branded slackbot virtual assistant.

Improve operational efficiency and staff productivity with custom built integrations and AI powered workflow automation - all leveraging the power of collaboration.

Make your FAQs great again.

Getting an answer need not be like swimming past a sea.

Integrate your help desk with an information assistant that knows lot more than the answers - knows your users, their intent and what else could be useful to them.

With targeted ads powered by our recommendation engine, convert your conversations into sales opportunities and increase revenue.



Data Insights, humanized.

Need an answer at this very instant? Why look at Reports and Scorecards? Instead Ask a smart assistant that has all the relevant answers and much more.

Interact with your data in a conversational way, asking questions, powered by Natural Language and contextualized with AI creating a more natural conversational experience.

Let's build something great, together.

We do that by getting to know you, your needs and creating the best in class solutions. You can be rest assured that you are in the best hands to take your Conversational App journey forward.


Remy - as a Service

Get your Conversational App up and running in no time. Scale as you grow with our fully hosted solution.


Custom Implementation

Build on top of our white-labelled, thoughtfully crafted lego blocks of application components, that helps you achieve the velocity and scale in your Conversational app journey.



With our deep expertise in building highly scalable enterprise class solutions, we can help you design and build conversational apps just for you.


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